Trip to Hokkaido , Japan
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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hey guys ! So today I'm gonna share with you some pictures when I traveled to Hokkaido , Japan with my brother and my grandma last month on 16th April until 22nd April . It was really cold at that time . The temperature was about 10 degree Celsius and below . It was really amazing cause I really like to travel and this is my second time went to overseas . In case if you want to know , we went there under Kembara Halal Nippon travel agency . The founder once was a student there so he knows how to speak in Japanese . We walked and used the public transport most of the time so that we can gain new experiences using the public transport at foreign country . Actually we want to see the Sakura flower because according to the founder , it supposed to bloom at that time but unfortunately it had not bloom yet due to the cold temperature .

Hope you guys like it and sorry in advanced for the quality of the pictures . I'm not that pro in photography . Pardon me :)

Clock Steam Tower

The view infront of Mitsui Garden Hotel (The place where we stayed)

Sapporo TV Tower

Odori Park

Nuyou Fish Market

Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade

Nuyou Fush Market


Maruyama Park

Maruyama Zoo

Inside of the chocolate Factory

Former Hokkaido Government Office

Shiraoi Ainu Village

Shiraoi Protokotan

Noboribetsu Hell Valey

Okurayama Jump Station

The view from Okurayama Jump Station

Utonai Lake

Sakura seciput 

Naik train ke Sapporo Airport

It was really great to have these experiences even though kaki rase cam nak tercabut penat berjalan ! Haha but it's okay , it worth it :D

Okay done for the photos ! Thank you for those who read it until finish hehe . Go and check out Kembara Halal Nippon facebook page cause they'll make another trip to Japan in Autumn season . They price is affordable and they'd managed everything so well ! 

Before you guys leave this page , feel free to click my Tabung Belajar . Thankyou in advance ! Till we meet again then :)
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